As a small, effective team, we can guarantee you personal, customised service.

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Our firm

EMBERGER MOLZBICHLER Rechtsanwälte is a modern commercial law firm with over 40 years of experience in advising Austrian and international companies, as well as private clients, in a variety of legal matters. We meet the respective demands as to the quality of our legal advice by continuing to broaden our knowledge and to maintain our enthusiasm for the profession.

As a small, effective team, we can guarantee a personal, customised service – you will generally be advised by one lawyer exclusively. In consequence, he or she will not only have a thorough knowledge of your current matters, but will also be aware of your interests beyond the individual case at hand. Short communication channels allow every lawyer to make use of the know-how of the entire team, resulting in customised, economical solutions and expedient strategies.

As an independent law firm, we place much emphasis on ensuring that no conflicts of interest occur within our partnership. Our firm will never experience a situation in which your interests have to be weighed against the interests of another client.


EMBERGER MOLZBICHLER Rechtsanwälte counsel young entrepreneurs!

We support entrepreneurs and advise them on taking their first steps towards setting up a company and transforming their vision into reality.

Fully committed on all aspects of the law relating to the realization of your business concept to meeting your legal needs, so you can focus on making your company successful.



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